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In A Nutshell

We're weed people. Correction: We're women-owned weed people. We're also mothers, doctors, and educational and professional executives that want to change the weed stigma. We're annoyingly obsessed with quality standards and are going to carry only the best, dopest (pun intended) cannabis out there.
Cannabis fascinates us; from the actual plant itself--which we think is beautiful, by the way--to the different feelings smoking can invoke. We want to encourage the conscious consumption of marijuana in an effort to remove any negativity associated with this plant (translation: good vibes only). There are also medical benefits, and we plan on educating our customers on that too (if they don't know already; our customers are very smart).
Above all, we're people people and are honored at the opportunity to grow with our community--socially, economically, equally, and most importantly, weedly (it's a word).

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